Wagyu Ribs Competition 21-22 October 2017

A new Wagyu Ribs Competition is to take place at the Countryside Live Fatstock Show to be held at the Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate on October 21st and 22nd 2017. The WBA has worked closely with the Royal Smithfield Club and the Yorkshire Agricultural Society to establish this first-of-its-kind Wagyu event in the UK which will sit alongside classes for both Continental and Native cattle. We very much hope that a number of you will be keen to take part so, please read on for the outline criteria - with the official entry form to go out early September........ 

The main criteria are as follows:

1. We have already canvased a number of members, who showed interest in entering this competition. We need a minimum of 8 entries before the close of entries because of the cost of the refrigerated cabinet required and are hopeful we could have 2 classes for Fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu-cross sired by a Fullblood Wagyu bull that would be split by being killed at under 30 months or over 30 months (note, over 30 months must have spinal cord removed).

2. Entries will only be accepted from Full or Friends Of Members of the Wagyu Breeders Association (Must be members from July 1st 2017 by close of entries) and will be charged at £10+ VAT per entry. If the class is split by age then one exhibitor could make an entry in both classes. Prize money is 1st - £40; 2nd - £30 ; 3rd - £20 with the Champion of the possible 2 classes winning a further £50 and the reserve £25.

3. All entries need to be received at a designated place on the Yorkshire Showground at 8pm on Friday, Oct.20th. There will be storage at the appropriate temperature for the ribs overnight on site. The show opens for exhibitors at 6.30am on Sat. morning and judging will begin at 8am. The show opens to the public at 9am both mornings and closes at 5pm. All product to be removed by 6pm on the Sunday.                           

4. Judging of the Wagyu class(es) on the Saturday morning is to be done on visual appraisal and is to be undertaken by a well-known chef who works with Wagyu meat. There will be separate classes for native and continental rib joints (depending on numbers forward. with a championship for them and a championship for the Wagyu classes undertaken separately.                        

5. On Sunday afternoon, the same chef that judged the Wagyu ribs will cook one rib from the Championship exhibits in a public demonstration with these cooked exhibits going forward to a blind-tasting panel of three. They can give comments or perhaps marks for the tenderness, then the texture, the taste and perhaps the visual after the first three points have been judged. It is planned this demonstration will be hosted and will not count towards any championship but will be used to discuss quality and eating experience of all exhibits.

6. All ribs can be sold if exhibitors wish but they will have to provide the prices they require when dropping off the product – they can also be taken home.                                          

7. There are important criteria (rules) laid down by the Royal Smithfield Club for all entries regarding slaughter, preparation of entry as well as identification and information of the entry. PLEASE TAKE NOTE AS THESE ARE RSC RULES WHICH HAVE MADE THESE COMPETITIONS GOOD SHOWCASES FOR QUALITY MEAT:

            a) The abattoir to take delivery of the live animal on the day agreed with exhibitor and then slaughtered before 5pm, circa some 14 days before the show.

            b) The abattoir/butcher and exhibitor to liase so that the information needed for the entry (sex, whole carcase weight, date of birth, sire and dam with their breeds) can be sent to the organisers by 5pm on slaughter date. Also to be provided by the organiser is a label for the abattoir / butcher for the primal cuts giving the catalogue number prior to                            delivery.                                                         

            c) Preparation of entry – the abattoir /butcher to butcher the carcase so as to present the Primal Cut:

                        * a four-bone forerib cut from a nine-bone forequarter.

                        * ribs to be taken from the left hand quarter (viewing live animal from rear, right of carcase when hung).

                         * rib length not less than 2” and not more than 4” from edge of eye muscle.

                         * ribs to be untrimmed.

            d) The travelling of an entry from home to the show needs thought and preparation to maintain a well-presented exhibit at the right temperature and at its best for the class.

All these details and a few more not so important will be included in the official entry form paperwork which will be sent out in the next week to 10 days with the entry likely to close on September 29th. Richard Saunders will be handling the entries for the Yorkshire office.

The Board feel this is a great opportunity to put Wagyu more onto the beef map so we do very much hope as many as possible will support the effort we are making. Could you please let Richard know (info@britishwagyu.co.uk) if your intention is to make an entry as soon as you can so we know what sort of numbers we are dealing with? If there is sufficient interest we might well try to organise a meeting of the WBA at the show. Very much hope we will hear from a good number of you.   

Please do not hesitate to contact Mike Tucker should you have any questions.