AHDB Meat Export Conference 30 June 2015

Wagyu Breeders Association Company Secretary Richard Saunders attended the 11th Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Meat Export Conference at Stoneleigh Park, Warks, on 30th June. The conference outlined the future for further growth of meat exports in view of supply constraints and trade challenges. More than 100 representatives heard from industry experts on export trends, opportunities and challenges for the red meat sector. 

Richard's thoughts were are follows: 

Despite some competitive disadvantages such as the relatively strong £pound, the outlook for UK beef exports is positive into the EU as well as Asia and MENA (Middle East/North Africa). In demand due to its strong heritage and provenance under the 'British' flag, UK beef is also backed by the highest standards of animal welfare and food security. With the help of prospection and trade support, Jean-Pierre Garnier, Head of Exports for AHBD Beef & Lamb, said UK exporters needed to add value as well as ensure 'a great eating experiece and consistency of product; good presentation and packaging; as well as service, service, service.' In terms of market access, 95 countries are currently open to UK beef.