The Beef



With its healthy eating properties, Wagyu beef has no equal when it comes to tenderness, marbling and eating quality.

Healthy Eating 

Because of Wagyu's genetic predisposition it yields a beef that contains a high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The increased marbling also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats making it a healthy eating product. 


One of the most important factors for assessing beef quality is ‘marbling’, which refers to the fine white layers of fat that run through lean beef and which intensify flavour and tenderness. 

This marbling releases flavour into the meat when cooked. The fat in Wagyu has more monounsaturated fats and melts at room temperature, in fact at just 77F (25C), a lower temperature than any other beef, which in turn can make the beef suitable as part of a lower cholesterol diet

This explains why Wagyu Beef melts in your mouth and is reputed to be the finest and most tender tasting beef in the world.

BlackGold Brand  

The Wagyu Breeders Association seeks to protect the integrity of the marketing of its unique Wagyu beef by insisting that all meat is certified ‘British Wagyu’. Only animals that have undergone DNA parentage verification confirming that they are sired by a registered Fullblood Wagyu bull are eligible for the Wagyu ‘BlackGold’ brand.


When it comes to eating quality, Wagyu beef is in a league of its own...

“Wagyu is the creme de la creme of beef, it is tender, the texture is unparalleled and the flavour that comes through makes you realise every other kind of beef is inferior" 
Russell Norman,‘Zuma’ restaurant, London.

"I can't describe the flavour, it's tender and it disintegrates in your mouth when you eat it. And it just keeps developing."
James Kidman, Head Chef, ‘Otto’ Restaurant, Australia.

“Wagyu steak? It's sublime and butter-tender, with a rich flavour.”
Jason Atherton, Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Maze Grill’ restaurant.

Where to buy

Great-tasting Wagyu beef can be purchased direct from a number of farms, butchers and meat wholesalers. Click here to find out more.