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WBA is pleased to provide a forum for WBA Members to sell Wagyu genetics comprising livestock, semen and embryos. 

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For Sale Fullblood Wagyu Bull Newnton Henshin 1 priced at £4,500. Contact Andrew Tucker at Cotswold Wagyu 07968753818. Click HERE for info and EBVs and HERE for image.


Private sale of quality cattle from respected WBA Member, Breeder and Producer

Two Full Blood Bulls

1.       Ready for work (born 30 Nov 2015) by Mikado out of Newnton Fukutsuru Latina (E.T.) by Takeda Farm Fukutsuru 004.
2.       14-month old by CHR MICHIFUKU 242 out of one of the most famous Japanese families, out of a Sigeshigetani dam.  Both sides of the family renowned for their marbling qualities.

Plus three F1 heifers

Contact : Mike Tucker 01666 502352 /


40 head of F1 (crossbred 50%) Wagyu cattle

Cattle aged 6-12 months, mostly dairy-bred. 400 p/kg liveweight (£4 per kilo liveweight). Please contact Luke Smith at Noble House Wagyu or 07515874609


Four-year-old Wagyu Bull for Sale

Tajima line
Genetic Dam RM Mikomi Sire CHR TAKAZAKURA
DOB 01/02/2013
American Genetics purchased from
Contact Tom Dent on 07779115589 or


OOO MIZU (FB15390) - notable animals in the pedigree include: Kitaguni Jr (Fujiyoshi) large frame and 65% progency grades 9+), Michifuku (Tajima, 85% progeny grades 9+) and Haruki II who was at one time the Australian trait leader for marbling, I think is now number 3?

OOO ROKUKASHIRA (FB15393) - Takazakura (Tajima, good growth rate and 68% 9+ grading), Fukutsuru 068 (Tajima, by miles the highest ranking bull for marbling in the US or Australia), Kitaguni JrMichifuku

OOO ELYSE 613 (FB15645) - MichifukuKitaguni JrFukutsuru 068

OOO TSUKI 14 (FB18448) - Same pedigree as OOO Rokukashira

OOO WAKUSEI 14 (FB18449) - Same pedigree as OOO Rokukashira

Please contact: David Walston -
'Please note that by prior agreement with David Walston, 10% commssion on the above sales will be paid by the vendor to the WBA'


RUSHALLI  Bull 100% Fullblood: Australian Registration No: RBWJ0041.
Date of Birth: 31/03/2013.
A FB bull sired by our Shidookoji, with Takamiko as the dam. She has both Takazakura and Itomichi in her bloodline. He is sold guaranteed "ready for work", and tested free of BVD, Johnes and IBR.
Priced at £3,500.
For full Bloodline Details - Click Here. 

HALLKURA Bull 100% Fullblood. Australian Registration No: RBWFK0064.
Date of Birth: 01/04/2014.
Shares the same bloodline as RUSHALLI. Another calf from Takamiko.
Free from BVD, Johnes, IBR.
Priced at £2,800.
For full Blood Line Details - Click Here

SHIDOOHALL Heifer 99.9% Purebred. Australian Registration No: RBWPK0069.
Date of Birth: 18/08/2014.
Sired by our own Shidookji with Takalaura as her dam. She benefits from Michifuku and Takazakura bloodlines.
Priced at £2,500.
For full Blood Line Details - Click Here.

Please contact: Richard Bailey (Cheshire Wagyu) on 07739 679 231 or


Eight in-calf surrogates to premium pedigree Wagyu embryos. Heifer breed: Stabiliser. Health Status: free from IBR, BVD, Lepto and the herd has had 10 years testing done for Johne's disease, all of which are clear. Can offer finance arrangements/pay monthly deal, herd starter package and pregnancy deal, which are flexible. For more information on embryo pedigree contract Luke Smith on 07515874609, or


Purebred Wagyu bull for sale 18 months of age DOB 28/05/2013. Ready to use. Excellent conformation. Please contact Jim Dent (Penrith, Cumbria) 017684-83245 or 07970-671225.


12 no. F1 HEIFERS (50% Hirashgetayasu / Fukutsuru/ Kikuterushige Lines x Angus or Hereford Dams) in calf to Wagyu Bull (Takeda farm Fukutsuru x Lake Wagyu Y045) around 30 months old £2,000 ea. 6 no. F1 HEIFERS  (50% Hirashgetayasu / Fukutsuru/ Kikuterushige Breeding x Angus or Hereford Dams) in calf to Wagyu Bull (Takeda farm Fukutsuru x Lake Wagyu Y045) 20 months old £1,800 ea. 10 no. Angus 4th calving cows in calf to Wagyu bull £1,100 each. 1 no. Fullblood bull registered with the Australian Wagyu Association (Hirashgetayasu / Fukutsuru/ Kikuterushige Breeding) very productive. Born 29/04/10 £1,800. All scanned and correct. Located in Northern Ireland. Shipping can be arranged. Contact Glebe Wagyu Joe Mc Ginnis 07803077641

24/12/2014 - SOLD

Full Blood Wagyu bull for sale. Exceptional bloodlines and pedigree, Sired by the great Michifuku - thought to be the best bull ever to leave Japan, This bull's Dam is Suzuharu, a daughter of Suzutani (IMP JAP), the most famous Wagyu cow outside of Japan. He is producing highly-marbled tender beef out of Wagyu and Angus cows (F1) with good size and conformation. Very easy calvings even on heifers with a short gestation period. This is an opportunity to purchase one of the best lines of Wagyu bulls in the UK and establish top-quality blood lines. Only for sale due to the number of his daughters in our herd. Offers in region of £10,000. Semen for sale at £15 per straw plus royalties for pedigree stock. For more information on this bull and to see his offspring and the meat he produces please visit or telephone Steve Ramshaw on 01434-270320.


For sale: 1 x Purebred Wagyu Bull 2 years old, sired by Blackgold Mikado; 1 x Purebred Wagyu bull 18 months old sired by BlackGold Shogun; 1 x Purebred Wagyu mature cow PD'd in calf to Wagyu bull; 1 x Purebred Wagyu heifer sired by Blackgold Mikado. All TB tested. Wrexham. Pease call Pearce Hughes on 07866772478 



Noble House Wagyu are offering 3 embryos for sale priced at £400 each. Dam Breda 062 x Sire Edenbane Ideal (please click on linkd for further details). Contact Luke Smith on 07515 874609 for further information.


 Semen: - We have semen for sale from the following full blood bulls:

Redewater Shogun - A well proven bull sired by Michifuku (FB1615) out of an exceptional flush cow Suzuharu (Fb5769) this bull has a predicted IMF of +0.7 and a predicted full blood terminal index of +$166.00 

Redewater Haruki 11 – Sired by Haruki 2 (FB1614) one of the most successful full blood bulls in the world , his sire is the great Monjro.

This young bulls dam is Ms Itozuru Doi (FB9839) a great flush cow. He is producing well shaped purebred and F1 calves, photo’s available on request.

Semen from these two bulls is available at only £20.00 per straw plus transfer fees from UK sires. 

 Redewater Itoshigenami -We are taking orders for semen from our new junior stud bull for next spring, He is by ITOSHIGENAMI (FB3682) out of Ms Chr Kitaguni(FB7369)

 These are some of the best bloodlines available, he has a predicted IMF of +1.1 and a terminal index of $227 putting him in the top 10% of the breed.

 Semen will be for sale in the spring of 2017 @ £50.00 per straw.

ALL semen prices are negotiable subject to quantit


We have a number of full blood heifers that we intend to flush next spring. These heifers are sired by some of the world’s highest ranked bulls including:-





Contact Steve Ramshaw M: 07599-39297



Semen for Sale - Straws available from: 

SHIDOOKOJI 100% Fullblood:  Australian Registration No.: RBWFD7005.
Sired by Shidoosha, a MICHIFUKU son.
Our main stock bull with proven progeny by Fullblood, F1, and Commercial dams.
Priced by number ordered:
10-49  - £14.00.  50-99 - £11.50.  100-149 - £9.50. 150-199 - £7.00.  200+ -  £6.00.
For full Bloodline Details - Click Here. 

TAKASUE  99.80% Purebred:  Australian Registration No.: RBWPE0010.
Sired by a Takazakura son, 101L, and benefiting from the famous Huruki-2 x Michifuku as a dam, he has the ability to add size and quality to any carcass.
Priced by number ordered:  
10-49 - £12.00.  50-99 - £10.00.  100-149 - £8.00. 150-199 - £6.00.  200+ -  £4.50.
For full Bloodline Detail - Click Here.


Please contact: Richard Bailey (Cheshire Wagyu) on 07739 679 231 or


Embryos for sale. 
Donor                       Sire                        Grade 1      Grade 2     Grade
Tyddewi 995           Mazda James              1                  2               3
Tyddewi 976           Ashwood FX13            4                  2                0
Tyddewi 212            Ashwood FX13            4                  0                0
For more information please contact,             


Semen from the Wagyu bull Blackgold Mikado priced at £10 per straw is now available to purchase online at