The Association



The Wagyu Breeders Association Ltd was set up in July 2014 by a group of Wagyu breeders and enthusiasts from around the UK, its aim being to promote British Wagyu beef and represent the interests of its members at home and abroad. 

The principle upon which the WBA is founded is ‘the promotion of agriculture for the public benefit by encouraging, promoting and improving the breeding of Wagyu cattle in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’ 

It is intended that the creation of the Association will be the first step towards establishing a Defra-approved British Wagyu Breed Society with charitable status.

How To Join 

We welcome applications for membership from all interested parties such as pedigree breeders, commercial producers, processors, butchers, retailers, chefs and restaurateurs. The first year’s membership costs £250 comprising of a £200 joining fee plus £50 annual subscription. Second and subsequent years cost £50. Please complete the Membership Application Form and Direct Debit Mandate below.


The Association has initially been established with five Directors, each of whom has made an interest-free loan to ‘pump prime’ the WBA. As per the Memorandum & Articles of Association of WBA Ltd, its income and property shall be applied solely towards the promotion of WBA and no part shall be paid to any Director or Member. In due course as the membership and reach of the Association grows, it is anticipated that elections will be held and further Directors appointed.


Mike Tucker
Church Farm, Tetbury, Glocs, GL8 8RS
T: 01666 502352

Jim Bloom Jnr
High Warrendale Farm, Warter, York, YO42 1XG
T: 01759-303251

Martine Chapman
Highland Wagyu Ltd, Burnside of Balhaldie, Dunblane, FK15 0NB
T: 01786 823767

Pearce Hughes
Trefydd Bychain, Llandegla, Wrexham, LL11 3BG

Jonathan Shepherd
Field House Farm, Huggate Road, Tibthorpe, Driffield, YO25 9JZ
T: 01377 229268


Joining Fee £200
Annual Subscription £50
DNA £25       
(Prices excl VAT)