The Hauser and Wirth Estate at Durslade Farm, Bruton, Somerset hosted an excellent Wagyu Open Day on 6th September. It was attended by a number of farmers, some of which were contemplating diversifying into the Wagyu breed, and others who were looking at the best way to start the marketing their own Wagyu cattle as well as restaurateurs and retailers keen on offering Wagyu. The 1,000 acre estate, managed by Paul Dovey and his team, is also home to the Roth Bar and Grill as well as galleries and gardens visited by some 150,000 people every year.

The farm has a Fullblood Wagyu herd comprising top-class American genetics from WBA Board member David Walston, as well as crossbred Wagyu F1s over Angus cows which run alongside an arable enterprise, Lleyn sheep, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, together with an 80 single-suckled herd of Hereford and Angus. Wagyu is an important focus of the Roth Bar & Grill which holds Wagyu-specific evenings with well marbled steaks on offer including some of the less well known cuts providing an excellent range of Wagyu's famous premium meat including skirt. Chef Steve Horrell gave attendees his view of selling the meat successfully in a restaurant like the Roth Grill as well as the importance of cooking the meat in a sympathetic way to make the most of its world renowned qualities.

Also present was Mike Tucker, Chairman of the Wagyu Breeder’s Association, who was able to report on the progress of the association, its latest registration programme run by Pedigree Cattle Services alongside the Australian Wagyu Association which enables Members to benefit from all the excellent research and development being done for the breed in Australia. Mike also reported on the newly-established Wagyu Producers Group open to WBA Full & Friends Of Members to facilitate the exchange and marketing of Wagyu. Added Mike: "The Wagyu Breeders Association is there to help Wagyu enthusiasts maintain the premium prices that the breed can attract by maintaining its quality and provenance. The new Board is determined to help members achieve that and I encourage all interested parties to join the Association and seize the opportunities with Brexit on the horizon of developing an exciting and better healthy meat eating experience." A very big thank you to Paul Dovey and his team for providing an excellent Wagyu showcase.