Welcome to the September edition of the Wagyu Breeders Association Newsletter. Included is a guide to producing assured British Wagyu beef compiled by WBA Board Member Steve Ramshaw which it is hoped will give breeders – particularly those new into the breed - some useful tips and insights.

Three very informative and wide-ranging Wagyu Open Days were held during August & September which have already been reported on in our Facebook and web pages. Please check out www.britishwagyu.co.uk or join our two Facebook groups: ‘Wagyu Breeders Association’ & ‘Wagyu Producer Group.’ If you could help the Association by holding an Open event, please get in touch with WBA Chairman Mike Tucker.

IMPORTANT: Your attention is drawn to the section on DNA testing below which contains some important information and a deadline of Monday 16th October for your response.

Please follow the link to read the newsletter in full.