Testing Times for Food Standards

WBA Director, Jonathan Shepherd and Warrendale Farms MD, James Thornton recently represented the Association at the Testing Times for Food Standards symposium in London. Delegates included Government agencies, the food industry and other key stakeholders and discussions centred on the need to re-establish the integrity and assurance of the food supply chain, protect consumers and improve the reputation of the food industry. Interestingly, Jonathan and James were the only delegates from the meat industry.

They heard from speakers on food packaging safety and food fraud and learned about the different sources of food fraud that include unapproved enhancements, counterfeiting, dilution, substitution and concealment. Speaker, Richard Leathers gave a number of examples of fraud, including lesser fish being sold as haddock, the fact that 30% more olive oil was sold as virgin olive oil than was produced in the first place and 25% more Manuka honey being sold than was produced.

With traceability at the forefront of consumers' minds, the Wagyu Breeders Association has established an industry-leading online platform to ensure transparency and provenance of British Wagyu beef at all links in the supply chain through DNA verification and its unique British Wagyu-branded animal ear tags. Follow this link to read more about this important benefit of the Wagyu Breeders Association membership.

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