‘Three-in-one’ online facility provides unique registration, tagging and branding package


1st September 2015 saw the launch of the Wagyu Breeders Association (WBA) Interface which provides Members with a bespoke online mechanism and a ‘three-in-one package’ of registration, branded tag and DNA verification for both Wagyu pure and crossbred cattle.

An industry-leading facility, it has been developed in partnership with TL Biolabs, the Australian Wagyu Association & Caisley Tags respectively to ensure lifetime traceability of Wagyu beef 'from farm to fork' through a DNA-verified, branded 'British Wagyu' ear tag which is unique to each individual animal.

Easy-to-use as well as being cost-effective, the Interface is fully linked to the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) database which allows farmers to view all cattle on their holding in real time. With a simple ‘click’ of the mouse, breeders select their Wagyu animals and this automatically generates an order for a ‘British Wagyu’ branded DNA tissue-punch ear tag which is despatched to the farmer by Caisley. Once the tag is inserted on-farm, it captures a small amount of ear tissue in a vial which is then sent back to TL Biolabs for DNA parentage verification.

“Both the ear tag and the vial carry the unique Ministry Number of the animal to ensure complete integrity of the beef product. This means the live animal or carcase can be checked at any point to prove it is Wagyu,” says Richard Saunders, WBA Company Secretary.

The system is unique within the industry in two ways: firstly, all crossbred and pedigree Wagyu animals, rather than just a sample batch, will be parentage checked; secondly, sample storage and testing is all handled ‘under one roof’ by TL Biolabs, who also provide the Interface, which means the system is quick and efficient.

For what is widely held as the world’s finest beef, provenance and consumer confidence are key to maintaining brand value and premiums for Wagyu beef. The new Interface captures and records all the required information in a robust and secure manner. “British Wagyu has built an easily-identifiable, high-value brand which is able to stand up to the highest scientific scrutiny,” adds Richard Saunders.

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