Wagyu Interface Goes Live

Today (1st September) has seen the launch of the new Wagyu Breeders Association (WBA) Interface which provides Members with a bespoke online mechanism for registrations, tags and DNA verification of both Wagyu pure and crossbred cattle. An industry-leading facility, it has been built in partnership with TL Biolabs, the Australian Wagyu Association & Caisley Tags to ensure full traceability of Wagyu beef 'from farm to fork' through a DNA-verified, branded 'British Wagyu' ear tag which is unique to each individual animal. Members of the WBA will receive an email and temporary password to log in to the Interface which is both easy-to-use and cost-effective for breeders to use.

To access the Interface, please follow the 'HERDBOOK' link on the menu at the top of the website. 

Full press release to follow.