The Wagyu Breeders Association (WBA) will be holding a Spring Conference in and around York from Thursday 21st to Fri 22nd May 2015. The dates have been chosen to fit in with The National Beef Association’s Beef Expo to be held at York Auction Centre on the Thursday where the Association will welcome Wagyu enthusiasts onto its Breed Society stand.

Since the Association’s launch back in November, the Directors have been working hard to put together an attractive package for WBA Members to include: registration of pure and crossbred stock; DNA sire verification and certified Wagyu scheme; branded tagging - all aimed at maintaining the integrity - and high value - of the Wagyu beef product. News and exciting progress of our work will be announced at the Spring Conference on Friday 22nd May.

The WBA Spring Conference presents an ideal opportunity to meet with Members and explain the forward work of the Association. WBA are keen to involve every link in the chain so a fundamental part of the event will be to welcome as many potential customers as possible: from farm shops to butchers, and chefs to restaurateurs, the goal being to work together to promote and grow the interest in Wagyu throughout the UK.

For more information about the WBA Spring Conference or to register your interest, please click here