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Held annually to celebrate everything good about food, over 300 delegates will be in attendance from across the food industry with a large majority being chefs from the hospitality sector. Wagyu Breeders Association Member Steve Ramshaw will be presenting ‘The Story of British Wagyu’ with a purebred Wagyu cow and calf alongside an Angus cow with a Wagyu-sired calf at foot focusing on improving the eating quality of beef. Steve will be emphasising the benefits of breeding Wagyu cattle to produce tender, fine-grained beef with high IMF to highlight the health benefits of this as a source of ‘good’ fat.

‘The Story of British Wagyu’ will be one of the highlights at this year’s Universal Cookery and Food Festival (UCFF) to be held at
Vallum Farm, East Wallhouses, Newcastle Upon Tyne on Wednesday 23rd September 2015.

To find out more please follow link to or Steve Ramshaw at