Welcome to the
Wagyu Breeders Association

The Wagyu Breeders Association Ltd was established in July 2014 by a group of Wagyu breeders and enthusiasts from around the UK, its aim being to promote British Wagyu beef and represent the interests of its Members at home and abroad. The official launch took place in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, November 2014 and was followed by its Spring conference held  21-22 May 2015 in and around York incorporating the National Beef Association Beef Expo.

why wagyu?

“Wagyu is the creme de la creme of beef, it is tender, the texture is unparalleled and the flavour that comes through makes you realise every other kind of beef is inferior.”
Russel Norman
'Zuma' restaurant, London. 

"I can't describe the flavour, it's tender and it disintegrates in your mouth when you eat it. And it just keeps developing."
James Kidman 
Head Chef, ‘Otto’ Restaurant, Australia.

“Wagyu steak? It's sublime and butter-tender, with a rich flavour.”
Jason Atherton 
Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Maze Grill’ restaurant.